SoundPly acoustic panels are
the quietest in the world.

They absorb and block sound energy
better than any other acoustic panel.

Layers of patented acoustic technology inside SoundPly panels are a key reason for their unmatched performance and why SoundPly products have become the unequivocal choice for the most critically demanding environments.

How are SoundPly
panels able to absorb
so much sound?

SoundPly panels are the first –and only– acoustic panels to successfully combine the resonant absorption of micro-perforated surfaces with the mechanical damping of porous core materials.

Graphs showing the NRC absorption of SoundPly

Revolutionary. To The Core.

The core of a SoundPly panel is constructed using the world’s most acoustically absorbent fibrous materials, while the surface of the panel absorbs sound energy using the world’s most advanced and effective micro-perforations.

Soundly Superior.

SoundPly represents a milestone in acoustic panel technology.
When compared to existing acoustic panel products, the
advantages of SoundPly are difficult to miss.

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Unlike other wood acoustic panels, SoundPly’s micro-perforations have no perceptible effect on a wood’s color or grain pattern.

SoundPly Icon Compare WeightCompare

Innovations in construction technology have resulted in SoundPly panels weighing 70% less than other acoustic panels.

SoundPly Icon Compare PerformanceCompare

SoundPly panels absorb more sound, at a broader range of frequencies than any comparable acoustic panel.

A person points at a large SoundPly acoustic wood panel

SoundPly Icon Compare StabilityCompare

SoundPly panels have over 6 times more span strength and 2.5 times less expansion and contraction than other acoustic panels.

SoundPly Icon Compare OptionsCompare

SoundPly panels are available in various thicknesses, flat or curved and in sizes up to 5’ x 12’.

SoundPly Icon Compare CostCompare

SoundPly panels typically cost less than other comparable architectural acoustic solutions. They’re also less expensive to install and maintain.


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Testimonial Slider - Sweetgreen
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The ceiling has received nothing but extremely positive feedback from construction, design, operations, and co-founders, both in terms of aesthetics and the drastic improvement of acoustics from within the store.

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Justin Brooks
Design Manager, Store Development

Testimonial Slider - Four Seasons
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I've noticed a significant difference with the acoustic panels. The restaurant ambiance is very enjoyable now, and the panels seamlessly blend with the restaurant decor.

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Dana Berry
Director of Public Relations
Four Seasons Resort, Orlando

Testimonial Slider - Matsuhisa
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One of the most heard comments is regarding the acoustics. It really is the best sounding restaurant I've ever heard.

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Michael Goldberg
Matsuhisa Restaurant

Testimonial Slider - Steelcase
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When we compared SoundPly to every other acoustic product in our resource library, nothing else was even close to the sound absorption of SoundPly.

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steelcase logo 1808

Brett Kincaid
Principle Designer
Steelcase Industries