Designed in Jeffersonian style, the circular shape of the Old Parkland Debate Chamber presented unique visual and acoustical challenges.

The room’s shape and function in hosting debates necessitated an exceptionally effective acoustic solution. The chamber’s curved surfaces and 18th century styling required a highly adaptable acoustic solution that provided a similar appearance and impact resistance of solid lumber.

SoundPly panels were the only possible solution. The panels were seamlessly integrated into the wall paneling and desk fronts, providing unmatched sound absorption while maintaining aesthetic integrity.


No other acoustic material disguises their acoustic function as effectively as SoundPly panels. At just a few feet’s distance, the millions of tiny micro-perforations across the panels’ surface become visually imperceptible.

Unlike the grooved, slotted, or perforated acoustic panels produced by other manufacturers, SoundPly’s clean, microscopic perforations produce no discernible effect on a panel’s overall color or grain structure.

Unheard-Of Possibilities.

For the first time, a truly seamless integration of acoustic and non-acoustic materials is possible. SoundPly’s unmatched degree of visual inconspicuousness unlocks possibilities for entirely new, non-traditional methods to incorporate studio-grade acoustic performance into any environment.

Hover over this image to see a close-up of SoundPly’s micro-perforations.

Closeup comparison of SoundPly micro-perforated and non-acoustic panels.