SoundPly achieves its noise absorption on its own, other acoustical systems rely on other materials to perform.

If you’ve checked out the System vs Panel FAQ, you’ll understand that the large majority of acoustical products in the industry are systems for a reason: achieving a high NRC in the lab is much easier with a system than it is with a panel. A system allows for any number of additional components (such as fiberglass insulation and deep cavity space), and with the freedom of additional materials, the NRC can be significantly improved by adding more and more sound-affecting material. Just like you can make anything sweet if you add enough sugar, you can get a great NRC if you add enough absorptive components behind the scenes.

SoundPly wood acoustical panels are panels, meaning they are stand alone, and the high NRCs are achieved by it, and it alone.

Other products’ NRCs may seem comparable, but none achieve the absorption like SoundPly does: with no added sugar.