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Entirely New.
Measurably Better.

Introducing Cella—the world’s most sound absorbent acoustic baffles. More than incremental, Cella baffles’ revolutionary, patented technology provides exponentially better sound absorption than any other acoustic baffles.

The hard surfaces of traditional baffles are useful for redirecting and restraining (aka, “baffling”) the flow of sound energy, but they’re quite poor at absorbing sound energy.

The clean, natural aesthetics of Cella Baffles belie their highly engineered, entirely unique construction.

Beyond Baffling

Even baffles that claim to absorb sound —such as felt, fabric and foam— are surprisingly ineffective, demonstrating notorious discrepancies between their performance in laboratory tests and their performance in actual, real-world installations.

Cella Acoustic Baffles provide such excellent performance; just one side of a Cella baffle is more sound absorbent than an entire felt, foam, or metal acoustic baffle.

Cella Acoustic Baffles'
Unique Advantages.

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MicroPerfection® Technology

A groundbreaking method of sound absorption that increases effectiveness as noise levels rise.
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Patented SPCore™ Technology

The reason why Cella Acoustic Baffles are remarkably stronger, more stable, and weigh significantly less than traditional wood baffles.
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Unmatched Absorption

Cella Baffles are the
industry’s most sound absorbent acoustic baffles. They provide measurably better performance
than fabric, foam, felt, metal or
fiber-based baffles.

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Guaranteed Performance

Cella Acoustic Baffles are the only baffles with a guarantee to perform as well in real-world installations as they do in their laboratory tests.

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Easy & Versatile Installation

Cella Baffles can be mounted directly to a ceiling, suspended with cables, or attached to a grid.


Strut Channel
using Lag Screws

A simple secure system designed for attaching Cella Baffles to standard strut channels. The system instals quickly and allows for complete flexibility with baffle spacing.

Cable Suspension
using Adjustable Coupler

The light weight and high strength of Cella Acoustic Baffles allows for a variety of direct suspension methods that are inconspicuous, simple to install, and easy to adjust.


(per side)
LR PANEL SERIESExcellent Acoustic Performance • Lower Price Point vs. RF Series • Antimicrobial & Moisture Resistant Properties
BA-LRL381 1/2″ Thick Acoustic Baffles6″ 8″ 12″ 24″48″ 96″ 120″ 144″.70A
BA-LRL512″ Thick Acoustic Baffles6″ 8″ 12″ 24″48″ 96″ 120″ 144″.80A
RF PANEL SERIESSuperior Acoustic Performance • CDPH1350 Compliant (low VOC)
BA-RFR381 1/2″ Thick Acoustic Baffles6″ 8″ 12″ 24″48″ 96″ 120″ 144″.70A
BA-RFR512″ Thick Acoustic Baffles6″ 8″ 12″ 24″48″ 96″ 120″ 144″.90A
Custom baffle heights and lengths available. * 144” length subject to veneer availability.

Wood Species

(A small sampling of the 715+ genuine wood species/slice/grade combinations in stock.)


Quarter Slice

Douglas Fir

Quarter Slice

European Beech

Quarter Slice


Plain Slice

Smoked Eucalyptus

Quarter Slice


Plain Slice

Burmese Teak

Plain Slice

White Oak

Rift Slice


Plain Slice


Quarter Slice

Specialty Finishes

Arctic Oak

Cider Rift Oak

Vintage Oak

Iron Rift Oak

Saddle Oak

Sawcut Oak


Sawcut Oak


Arctic White

Blackout Ash

Custom Stains

Full Spectrum of
Paint Colors

UV Printing up
to 1080dpi



Acoustic Ceiling Baffles constructed of two fully sealed, resonant cavities overlayed with 2mm thick micro-perforated multi-ply surfaces.


Clear or Tinted Catalyzed Lacquer
Clear or Tinted Ulti-Matte™ Flat Varnish


Hanging kits to be ordered separately.


BA-LRL51 (2” thick LR Series) 3.2 lbs/ft² BA-RFR38 (1½” thick RF Series) 2.5 lbs/ft² BA-RFR51 (2” thick RF Series) 3.2 lbs/ft²


Cella Baffles contain a non-combustible fiberglass core. A thin (less than .025 inches) layer of veneer, paint, or film finish is applied. Depending on the use and the type of wood selected, Cella Baffles can be used in Class A environments (IBC Chapter 8. Section 803).


LR RFMRc4 Recycled Content
LR Series – 21% pre-consumer
RF Series – 30% post-consumer

LR RFBDCv4  EQ Acoustic Performance

LR RFEQ 4.4 Low Emitting Materials

LR RFMaterial Ingredient Disclosure – Option 1


Visit the Document Resources page for all downloadable documents.

Nothing Else is
Quiet Like These.

Within the crowded field of acoustic ceiling panels, Alta Panels stand apart. No other acoustic ceiling panel comes close to matching Alta’s list of best-in-class features.

Acoustically, Alta Panels absorb and block more sound energy than any other acoustic ceiling panels. Even more exceptional— unlike other acoustic ceiling panels, Alta Panel’s acoustic performance is achieved without requiring a plenum space, a blanket of acoustic insulation, or the use of laboratory testing “tricks” designed to artificially inflate the acoustic test results.

Defining and pioneering the future of acoustic ceiling panels, Alta Acoustic Panels are packed with patented acoustic technology and patent-pending composite material technology.

Structurally, Alta panels have the highest specific strength, the lowest expansion/contraction, and the best long-term stability of any comparable acoustic ceiling panel. This translates into easier & more adaptable installations, tighter & more precise spacing between panels, and greater flexibility in panel sizes (up to 5’x12′).

Visually, Alta panels offer the industry’s most comprehensive selection of options including hundreds of genuine wood species/cuts, the full color spectrum of paints, and even high-resolution UV-printed images. Alta panels can be cut into custom shapes and even formed into rigid, internally supported curves.

You may think it’s strange how unique Alta Acoustic Ceiling Panels are, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Alta’s exceptional properties do present one drawback worth noting— for ceiling panel projects requiring an equally-suitable alternate to Alta panels, there simply isn’t one. When you combine all of Alta’s features, you’ll realize that these acoustic ceiling panels aren’t just “best in class”, they’re “only in class”.