Latus Acoustic Wall Panels — Unrivaled Sound Absorption and Blocking

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One of a Kind.
Kind of Amazing.

Latus Acoustic Wall Panels perfectly demonstrate how SoundPly’s innovative technology has disrupted the status quo.

Due to layers of patented and patent-pending technology, no other architectural or wood acoustic wall panel can match the sound absorbing performance, installation versatility, and discreet appearance of Latus Acoustic Panels.

This is because Latus Panels were developed to directly address the three most persistent shortcomings of other architectural and wood acoustic wall panels: (1) their exaggerated acoustic performance claims, (2) their restrictive and tedious installations, and (3) their indicative and conspicuous appearances.

By resolving the shortcomings inherent to other manufacturer’s architectural acoustic wall panels, Latus Acoustic Panels allow easier and discernibly more effective solutions for acoustically controlling an environment.

Pound For Pound, Absorb More Sound.

SoundPly products consistently outperform similar acoustic products, and Latus Wall Panels are no exception. No other acoustic wall panels absorb as much sound energy in such a small profile.

Furthermore, Latus Panel’s acoustic performance data is guaranteed to be accurate and reliably reproducible in real-world installations. Simply put, the acoustic performance that Latus Panels achieve in laboratory tests is the same performance they provide when they leave our factory, and the same performance they consistently maintain after they’re installed.

As unusual as it may seem, this is not the case with nearly every other architectural acoustic wall panel. The reason most other acoustic wall panel manufacturers aren’t able to guarantee their acoustic performance claims is because their panels actually aren’t very good at absorbing sound. Their panels primarily function as visual and protective screens, letting sound energy pass through them, into the sound absorbing system installed behind them.

Direct-To-Wall Install.

Other acoustic wall panels feature traditional, simple acoustic technology yet require highly engineered, sophisticated installation procedures. Latus panels are just the opposite— they combine cutting-edge, proprietary acoustic technology with simple, intuitive installation methods.

Similar to non-acoustic architectural wood wall panels, Latus Panels can be installed directly to the wall using Z-clips, wood cleats, or most other traditional methods. Depending on the panel size and placement, even faster installations can be performed using the proprietary SoundPly bayonet clips.

Latus panels are also much lighter than wall panels containing MDF or particleboard cores, further adding to their ease of handling and installation. Because Latus panels aren’t prone to the excessive expansion/ contraction, warping, or sagging common with other acoustic wood wall panels, adjacent Latus Panels can be mounted with tighter reveals, using less mounting hardware.

Panel … Latus Panel.

If James Bond was an architectural acoustic wall panel, he’d undoubtedly be a Latus Panel. The attractive appearance of a Latus Panel reveals little of its potent effectiveness at eliminating sound. The panel’s precisely placed, sound absorbing micro-perforations become indistinguishable at a normal viewing distance, allowing them to perform their duty while seamlessly blending into their surroundings.

Other acoustic wood panels that contain conspicuous holes, slots, or grooves have an unmistakable appearance. Their look is emblematic of their outdated acoustic technology, and a likely factor contributing to their decline in popularity. In contrast, the indistinct, unrevealing acoustic features of Latus Panels neither define nor compromise their look, resulting in an enduring, timeless appearance.

Latus Acoustic
Wall Panels'

Unique Advantages.

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A groundbreaking method of sound absorption that increases effectiveness as noise levels rise. The result is a more comfortable, natural feeling environment.

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Patented SPCore

The reason why Latus Acoustic Wall Panels are remarkably stronger, more stable, and weigh significantly less than other acoustic ceiling panels.

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Latus Wall Panels are the industry’s most sound absorbent acoustic wall panels. They provide measurably better performance without the need for a cavity space or additional acoustic insulation.

SoundPly Acoustic Guarantee icon3


Latus Acoustic Wall Panels are the only panels with a guarantee to perform as well in real-world installations as they do in their laboratory tests.

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Easy & Versatile

Unlike other acoustic wall panels, Latus Panels are light weight and can be mounted directly to a wall, using methods similar to non-acoustic architectural panels.


Direct Mount
using Z-Clips

Similar to traditional wall panels, Latus Panels can be directly mounted to walls using Z-clips. Sizes up to 5’x’12 can be installed using panel-mounted Z-clips and wall-mounted Z-bars.

Direct Mount
using Bayonet Clips

For horizontal plank applications, Latus Panels can be attached to a wall using Bayonet Clips. Mounting to either vertical 15/16” hat channel, or directly into drywall, Bayonet Clips install easily and securely, while leaving a minimal reveal less than 1/8”.


LR PANEL SERIESExcellent Acoustic Performance • Lower Price Point vs. RF Series • Antimicrobial & Moisture Resistant Properties
WP-LRM19 3/4″ Thick Acoustic Wood Wall Panels Up To 60″ Up To 120″ 144″ .70 39 A
WP-LRM25 1″ Thick Acoustic Wood Wall Panels Up To 60″ Up To 120″ 144″ .80 39 A
WP-LRM38 1 1/2″ Thick Acoustic Wood Wall Panels Up To 60″ Up To 120″ 144″ .85 39+ A
WP-LRM51 2″ Thick Acoustic Wood Wall Panels Up To 60″ Up To 120″ 144″ .95 39+ A
RF PANEL SERIESSuperior Acoustic Performance • CDPH1350 Compliant (low VOC)
WP-RFM19 3/4″ Thick Acoustic Wood Wall Panels Up To 60″ Up To 120″ 144″ .70 43 A
WP-RFM25 1″ Thick Acoustic Wood Wall Panels Up To 60″ Up To 120″ 144″ .90 46 A
WP-RFM38 1 1/2″ Thick Acoustic Wood Wall Panels Up To 60″ Up To 120″ 144″ .95 46+ A
WP-RFM51 2″ Thick Acoustic Wood Wall Panels Up To 60″ Up To 120″ 144″ 1.00 46+ A
Custom Ceiling Panel widths and lengths available. * 144” length subject to veneer availability.


(A small sampling of the 715+ genuine wood species/slice/grade combinations in stock.)




Acoustic Wall Panels consisting of a fully sealed, sound insulated, resonant cavity overlayed with a 2mm thick micro-perforated composite surface.


• 715+ Wood Species/Slice/Grade combinations
• Custom Paint Colors in a variety of sheens


• Custom Stains for Wood Veneers
• Clear or Tinted Catalyzed Lacquer
• Clear or Tinted Ulti-Matte™ Flat Varnish


WP-LRM19 / WP-RFM19 (¾” thick) 1.4 lbs/ft²
WP-LRM25 / WP-RFM25 (1” thick) 1.8 lbs/ft²
WP-LRM38 / WP-RFM38 (1½” thick) 2.5 lbs/ft²
WP-LRM51 / WP-RFM51 (2” thick) 2.6 lbs/ft²


Latus Wall Panels contain either a non-combustible rockwool or fiberglass core. A thin (less than .025 inches) layer of veneer, paint, or film finish is applied. Latus Wall Panels can be used in Class A environments (IBC Chapter 8. Section 803).


Mounting hardware to be ordered separately.


LRRFMRc4 Recycled Content
LR Series – 21% pre-consumer
RF Series – 30% post-consumer

LRRFBDCv4  EQ Acoustic Performance
LRRFEQ 4.4 Low Emitting Materials
LRRFMaterial Ingredient Disclosure – Option 1


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