Baffle Connex
Acoustic Array System

Remove design barriers. Experience performance beyond baffling.

Remove design barriers. Experience performance beyond baffling. Bring your design to life with this simple baffle hardware that streamlines installation. Flex your creative impulse with shape, pattern and texture. Pick from hundreds of veneers or any paint color. Form a pattern and let Connex simplify the details.

Veneer. Real Wood.

Classic. Natural. Luxurious. Sustainable. All SoundPly products use real wood veneer which is a timeless design element that can be used in any room. Navy Island’s award-winning TruGrade veneer standards make sure the veneer of every plank is perfect for every location and used to its fullest potential. Wood remains the most sustainable building material due to its renewability and biodegradability over time. The enduring appeal of real wood increases the likelihood of reuse and extends the product lifecycle, contrasting sharply with the shorter usable life of plastic or faux wood alternatives. Choose from 700+ real wood species, slices, grades, and finishes or match to any paint or stain with or without wood grain texture for practically unlimited possibilities.  

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Hundreds of Real Wood Veneers

Core Information

Navy Island veneer is added to an engineered core to create SoundPly — what many would call acoustic magic. Baffles can be constructed with or without a septum. The core with a septum is two 1 in. panels glued together and the core without the septum is a 2 in. panel. When the baffle has a septum, it increases sound absorption and allows for hardware to be hidden.

SoundPly LR: The rockwool core incorporates upcycled slag from the aluminum industry, utilizing waste materials beneficially.

SoundPly RF: The glasswool core is predominantly made from recycled glass and includes a patented, environmentally friendly organic binder, emphasizing our commitment to sustainable production practices.

Patented Core Technology

Standard Sizing

There are a variety of standardized sizes to suit the needs of different spaces and applications. The range of colors and finishes seamlessly integrate with any interior design. This standardization makes it easy to source, simple to install in a grid pattern, and customizable to the unique acoustics of each space. Standard sizes offer an effective, aesthetically pleasing solution for optimizing the soundscape of a room. Custom sizes are available but will cost more and may take longer to manufacture.

Heights: 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 16”, up to 24” 
48”, 60”, 96”, 120”, 144”
Custom sizing available.


Mounting Options

See hardware details for more options and DWGs.

Installation Instructions

Check out our Baffle Connex Instructional Videos

Baffle Connex Install Instructions Video
Tips on how best to cut baffles.
Edgebanding SoundPly
SoundPly Repair - Handy Hacks Video



Patented Sound Reduction Technology

MicroPerfection® Technology is a groundbreaking method of sound absorption that increases effectiveness as noise levels rise. The result is a more comfortable, natural feeling environment.

WELL Building

CARB Compliant
CDPH / CHPS 01350 Compliant
Health Product Declaration (HPD)
Low Emitting/Low VOC
Recycled Content – Post-Consumer
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified
LEED Compliant
Recycled Content
S04 Reverberation Time
S05 Sound Reducing Surfaces
X05 Enhanced Material Restrictions
X06 Volatile Organic Compound Restrictions

LEED Credits

LEED: MRc4 Recycled Content
BDCv4 EQ Acoustic Performance
EQ 4.4 Low   Emitting Materials
MR Recycled Content
MR Material Ingredients
EA Optimized Energy Performance
EQ Enhanced Acoustical Performance
EQ Interior Lighting
EQ Daylight
EQ Low Emitting Materials (RF core)

Fire Performance

SoundPly products satisfy ASTM E84 Class A as well as Canadian ULC S102 fire ratings allowing you to turn down sound and turn up results anywhere in North America.


SoundPly products have 3 simple and effective cleaning methods (wipe, spray & UV). Refer to the Maintenance PDF for more details.

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Simplify your ceiling space with integrated lighting, bringing together the clean design of wood with acoustics and lighting. A family of uncomplicated solutions that will carry your design intent throughout the space with SoundPly Acoustic Baffles.

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Save time, hassle and costly rework. Our team coordinates between the architect, lighting designer and installer to provide a project-specific grid layout so everything fits perfectly.

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