Sero Acoustic Beams — The World's Best, First, and Only Acoustic Ceiling Beams.

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Acoustic Mastery,

For the first time, a timber beam is capable of efficiently absorbing sound and in the process, is changing the shape of acoustic possibilities.

Introducing Sero Beams—the latest product to reflect SoundPly’s tradition of first-of-its-kind acoustic solutions. With even more absorptive surface area than a baffle, Sero provides the unmistakable beauty of real wood. It’s generating buzz by combining SoundPly’s unmatched performance with an exciting, new acoustic solution.


Defining and pioneering the future of acoustic ceiling beams, Sero Acoustic Beams are packed with patented acoustic technology and patent-pending composite material technology.

Quiet on Every Side.

Sero Beams absorb sound on three sides – a remarkable facet of their shape that increases their absorptive area and effectiveness. Do you have an application where four sides of the beam are exposed? We’ve got it covered (literally). There’s an option for a finished fourth side, too.

Furthermore, by utilizing SoundPly’s MicroPerfection® Technology, Sero Acoustic Beams achieve the highest NRC rating among acoustic products. This pioneering method of acoustic control means sound absorption actually increases as noise levels rise. The beams can be easily incorporated with other SoundPly ceiling products for additional design options, as well.

A Beam of Lightness.

Sero opens up exciting new possibilities. Our patented SP Core Technology™  means Sero Beams are stronger, while weighing significantly less than traditional lumber beams. Because they’re lightweight and dimensionally stable, they can be mounted directly to a ceiling, suspended by cables, or even attached to a grid.

In addition, Sero’s box construction not only enhances its strength and reduces its weight, it also creates new potential for design integration. Want to mask AV equipment or disguise girders and utilities? Sero Beams can be used as a sound-absorbent, acoustic shell – cleverly camouflaging unwanted elements. They can also be easily customized and integrated with lighting, as well! 

With Sero Beams, your options for acoustic solutions just keep looking up.

Sero Acoustic Beams'

Unique Advantages.

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A groundbreaking method of sound absorption that increases effectiveness as noise levels rise. The result is a more comfortable, natural feeling environment.

SoundPly SPCore Technology Icon

Patented SPCore

Results in beams that are Remarkably Stronger, More Stable, and Weigh Significantly Less than traditional lumber beams.

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Sero Acoustic Beams are the first and only to Actually Absorb Sound. Other lumber and veneer wood beams only diffuse sound.

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Sero Ceiling Beams are the first and only ceiling beams with an acoustic performance guarantee.

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Easy & Versatile

Sero Beams can be mounted directly to a ceiling, suspended with cables, or attached to a grid.


Direct Mount
with Torsion Springs

The light weight, strength, and stability of Sero Beams allow them to be mounted with torsion springs. Torsion springs provide a quick and secure three-step installation process. All mounting hardware is fully concealed, while still allowing the beams to be demounted for light fixture access and conduit purposes.

Strut Channel
using Lag Screws

A simple, secure system designed for attaching Sero Beams to standard strut channels. The system installs easily and adapts easily for integration with other SoundPly acoustic products, such as Alta Panels and Lino Planks.


LR PANEL SERIESExcellent Acoustic Performance • Lower Price Point vs. RF Series • Antimicrobial & Moisture Resistant Properties
BM-LRM25 Acoustic Wood Beams, 1″ Thick Walls 6″ 8″ 12″ 24″ 48″ 96″ 120″ 144″* .80 A
BM-LRM38 Acoustic Wood Beams, 1½” Thick Walls 6″ 8″ 12″ 24″ 48″ 96″ 120″ 144″ .85 A
BM-LRM51 Acoustic Wood Beams, 2″ Thick Walls 6″ 8″ 12″ 24″ 48″ 96″ 120″ 144″ .95 A
RF PANEL SERIESSuperior Acoustic Performance • CDPH1350 Compliant (low VOC)
BM-RFM25 Acoustic Wood Beams, 1″ Thick Walls 6″ 8″ 12″ 24″ 48″ 96″ 120″ 144″* .90 A
BM-RFM38 Acoustic Wood Beams, 1½” Thick Walls 6″ 8″ 12″ 24″ 48″ 96″ 120″ 144″* .95 A
BM-RFM51 Acoustic Wood Beams, 2″ Thick Walls 6″ 8″ 12″ 24″ 48″ 96″ 120″ 144″* 1.00 A
Custom beam heights and lengths available. *144” length subject to veneer availability.



Micro-Perforated Acoustic Ceiling Beams


• 715+ Wood Species/Slice/Grade combinations
• Custom Paint Colors in a variety of sheens


• Custom Stains for Wood Veneers
• Clear or Tinted Catalyzed Lacquer
• Clear or Tinted Ulti-Matte™ Flat Varnish


BM-RFM25 (1” thick RF Series) 2.9 lbs/lin.ft.
BM-RFM38 (1½” thick RF Series) 4.0 lbs/lin.ft.
BM-RFM51 (2” thick RF Series) 4.9 lbs/lin.ft.


Sero Beams contain a non-combustible fiberglass core. A thin (less than .025 inches) layer of veneer, paint, or film finish is applied. Depending on the use and the type of wood selected, Sero Beams can be used in Class A environments (IBC Chapter 8. Section 803).


Hanging kits to be ordered separately.


RFEA 1 Optimized Energy Performance
RFMR 4.1& 4.2 Recycled Content
Core 57% pre-consumer,
0% post-consumer

RFMR 7  Certified Wood - contact sales staff
RFEQ 4.4 Composite Wood
(no added urea formaldehyde)
RFEQ 7 & 7.1 Thermal Comfort
RFEQ 9 Enhanced Acoustical Performance


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